How to Bet on the LoL – How we bet on the LoL

How to Bet on the LoL – How we bet on the LoL

Here is a step-by-step explanation of our thought process when trying to make the perfect LoL betting slip.1. Pick the best bookie

As if anything other than choosing the best LoL betting sites could come first. Choosing the ideal bookmaker means looking for three things – firstly, he should have all the matches you want to bet on at the highest possible odds. Secondly, it is supposed to give you access to your favourite payment options for quick deposits / withdrawals. Thirdly, it is supposed to be easy to navigate and have a credible betting license to give you a safe and enjoyable experience.2. Choose a league / match to bet on

Specials Bets

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Special bets are another important factor that should be taken into consideration, even if you are not interested in such bets at the moment. Why? Well, there may come a time when you get that strange feeling that NiKo will have over 40 kills explosion in a match. This will, needless to say, be followed by a burst of anger after realising that your bookmaker doesn’t have that special bet available. Special bets can be a great way to maximise profits when you have a feeling about an aspect of the match that may not be directly related to the winner or loser of the match.

Everything you need to know about LoL Specials Betting

Team to draw first blood

This special bet in League of Legends is pretty straightforward – you choose a team that you believe will receive the first blood kill (the first kill in the match, for those unfamiliar with the specific LoL sports lingo). When choosing between two teams, your best option is to research and find out which one has more aggressive harassers at the start of the game. If your team gets the first kill, the bet is won. If one of your team’s players dies first, well . . we don’t have to explain any more, do we?

Team to Kill the First Baron/Dragon

The concept of this bet goes like this – the team you choose in your slip bets needs to kill the first Baron (or Dragon, depending on the bet you place). Otherwise, you lose the bet. How can you improve your chances of winning? Simple – go for the team with superior teamwork skills and champion in the mid-game pool. These teams are usually focused on heavy teamwork and achieving global objectives, so they are your best option.

The Best LoL Betting Sites – Final Words

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If you’ve come here looking for the best LoL betting sites, we’re sure our picks didn’t leave you disappointed. It took great effort and research to assess them all on a variety of factors and bring you the most detailed list of the best LoL betting sites currently available.

Once again, we hope that all the information found in this article shed some light on this subject and that you managed to choose a bookmaker that best suits your needs. Thank you all for visiting (and reading to the end), and we hope to see you again soon.

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