Reasons to be lazy from time to time

Reasons to be lazy from time to time

From childhood, we are taught that good boys and girls are never lazy. With this setup, you can, of course, live for several years. But the older we get, the more often we notice some inconsistencies. 

Therefore, laziness is our best friend and true ally. And if you allow yourself to be lazy, you can significantly improve both your health and social skills. And here’s how it works.

You will qualitatively reboot the brain and begin to think better

You will qualitatively reboot the brain and begin to think better

With intense mental stress, the brain “takes” almost a quarter of all the energy produced by the body for existence. Laziness in this case becomes simply an integral natural mechanism for recovery. Temporary doing nothing will help you reboot a little, cool down, and then join the work. Succumbing to laziness, then you will cope with any task and do the work much faster.

Researchers from the University of British Columbia say that the brain is genetically “for” laziness because saving energy in ancient times was necessary for survival. When a person is lazy, his neural connections become stronger, and he himself can surrender to free reasoning. Because of this, many great discoveries were made during idleness: Archimedes discovered the law of hydrostatics right in the bath, and Dmitri Mendeleev streamlined the periodic table in a dream.

Realize your true desires

After taking some time to rest and yourself, thoughts about your current life will surely appear in your relaxed head. These reflections will help you realize what you really want from life. The same self-development books and coaches could have forced you into a life of a squirrel in a wheel, although you absolutely do not want career heights and super productivity. The main thing is to listen to yourself and give (at least for a while) to enjoy what you need. Press the 22Bet Nigeria Login button, play your favourite games and be relaxed.

Get healthier and live longer

Get healthier and live longer

The tendency to laziness is laid down by nature as a way to prolong life. Employees at the University of Kansas observed shellfish: those cuttlefish that expended more energy than others died earlier.

If the human heart is an engine, then the quieter you go, the farther you will be. Endless work increases pressure weakens the immune system and adds reason to be nervous. If energy consumption decreases, then cortisol (the stress hormone) is replaced by hormones of joy. In general, it is easier not to go against the rules of nature and not to give up laziness as a healthy talisman against fatigue, burnout and illness. Try at least once to take an unplanned day off and allow yourself to mess around for good.

Boost your creativity and productivity

Laziness seems incompatible with productivity, but all the great creators – musicians, writers and artists – spent a lot of time thinking, hiking and travelling. Walking enthusiasts include Charles Dickens (who himself called walks “vagrancy”) and Ernest Hemingway, who wandered along the docks when he was finishing work or when he was trying to invent something. Why did it happen? All for the sake of the “incubation effect”: you yourself probably noticed that when you stop focusing on some problem, the solution comes spontaneously.

In another way, this state can be called enlightenment. During rest, the brain “turns on” algorithms for unconscious information analysis. After a break, it is easier for people to cope with complex creative tasks, find a non-standard way out of a situation, or get inspiration for long-term work. So if you want to create or grow into a creative professional, then first of all you need to accept laziness and sometimes give yourself a quality break.

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